Parts Manufacturing

At JW Engines, we also source and manufacture parts for engines. This can range from small parts such as valve guides right through to conrods and flywheels.

Below are some pictures of our rocker posts for Talbot Sunbeam/Hillman Avenger 1600cc engines. These are a direct replacement for the standard, and very weak cast aluminium posts. They are made from a billet of EN8 steel and have proved to be very reliable.

The rocker post on the right hand side in both pictures is the original cast aluminium, and the left hand post is our billet replacement.

Below are the Pistons and conrods going into one of our Avenger race engines. These utilise a short compression height piston and a modern, metric size big end to which we machine the crankshaft to.

20161220_180622The image to the right shows our bespoke steel conrod mounted to a forged Wiseco piston. This assembly is being fitted into a Talbot Sunbeam race engine. The engine will be capable of reliably running up to 8,500 rpm thanks to the quality and strength of the parts inside. The piston and conrod on the right hand side of the picture is a standard assembly. This highlights how much stronger the new parts are, and the difference in the conrod length, helping to make the engine rev easier.
An added bonus is that each new each piston and rod assembly is 300 grams lighter than the original, all helping with revs, reliability and performance.

JW Engines is THE place for classic car owners and racers to turn to for all of their engines needs

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